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Table of Contents

  1. Is cremation a better choice over burial?
  2. Where is the urn normally kept?
  3. Should I put my choice in a will?
  4. How do I order an urn?
  5. What is your return policy?
  6. Are there shipping or other costs?
  7. What are the advantages of purchasing your urns?
  8. In which currency do you process my order?

Is cremation a better choice over burial?

It really is a matter of personal choice. There are advantages and disadvantages for both cremation and burial. Although burial has been the traditional choice in North America, escalating costs have made cremation a less expensive alternative. A casket costs more than an urn, and there is the added factor of maintaining the gravesite. Environmentally, cremation conserves space and does not leach formaldehyde into the ground as is the case of burials. The advantage of portability when family members move needs to be considered as well.

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Where is the urn normally kept?

Preferably, this question is answered in a will that has been discussed ahead of time; although the estate at times has to make the decision.  An urn can be stored in a variety of locations.  A mausoleum is one alternative.  Another is in the home.  Some choose to be buried in a family plot. Others ask for their remains to be scattered at sea or on land.  Again, it's a personal choice, but there are a number of alternatives that burial doesn't offer.  

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Should I put my choice in a will?

Everyone should have a will.  Whether one chooses casket or urn, it's important to make your wishes known and convey the same.  It can save difficult decisions for family members that otherwise have to be made during stressful times.  It can also save conflict among others when it is clearly your decision and not someone else's.

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How do I order an urn?

There are a few options to ordering.  For a secure online purchase, click the "order" button below.  On the order page, you will see 3 buttons:  oak, birch or cherry.  Click the urn of your choice and you will be taken to a secured and encrypted site for online transaction. Purchase is transacted in Canadian currency and will be converted to U.S. currency (for U.S. buyers) on your Visa/MC statement. Fill out the shipping information and shipping choice, and complete the credit card information.  Once your information is entered, click the "buy now" button near the bottom of the page to complete your purchase. That's all there is to it.  

For a telephone purchase, call our toll free number (1-877-968-1902).  Other options are listed on our order page.  


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What is your return policy?

Our policy provides and ensures that each customer purchases a new urn.  Returns are limited to those damaged in shipment.  When sellers accept returns, there can be no guarantee that it has not been used and then simply  recycled to the next customer.  Returns leave both seller and customer at risk.  At KeyRidge, our policy protects against that possibility. If there is damage in shipment, we will send you a new replacement. We guarantee it.

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Are there shipping or other costs?

On the order page, you may choose your preference for shipment.  The price is listed on the form accordingly.  Federal Express delivers within a few business days.  Ground shipment is available, generally taking more than a week but at a lower cost.  Next day delivery is available within North America, so please call us for an exact quote.  Within Canada, you may choose Canada Post.  There are no customs' charges given the North America Free Trade Agreement. 

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What are the advantages of purchasing your urns?

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In which currency do you process my order?

When you place your order, the transaction is processed in Canadian currency. For U.S. customers,  your Visa/MC statement will be debited in U.S. currency. For instance, if you order the Oak urn at $163.00 U.S., with an online transaction, you will notice the price is $163.00. This is Canadian currency exchanged rate. When your Visa statement arrives, it will reflect the U.S. price at $163.00

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