Materials Used for Cremation Urns:

Urns are made from a variety of materials:   Hardwood, stone, glass, ceramic and pottery, marble, stainless steel..  Each can lend  it's own unique characteristics to both design and functionality.  Following is a sample listing of each material and urn and where it can be located on the internet.  

Stone:       (Korean Culture and Arts Foundation)



Stainless Steel:

Pottery:     (Ancient Indus civilization - 1900 BC)

Disclaimer: KeyRidge Industries does not endorse any of the above listed products or companies. These links are provided solely to educate the public in the various materials available in cremation urns.

Illustration of Hardwood Urn:

This hardwood urn has a length of 11.75", width 8" and height 5.5", weighing approximately 5 lbs. The bottom plate can be removed to deposit the cremated remains. 

Urn Cherry Hardwood

Alternative to Burial:

Cremations as percentage of deaths are rising rapidly. The U.S. national rate is 26%. Canada’s  is 45%. In England and Japan, it is 90%. These rates will continue to increase for a number of reasons: Economic - the direct and indirect costs associated with cremation are much lower than burial. Environmental – less land, if any depending on deposition, is used. Sanitary considerations - in-ground burial can contaminate water supplies. There is more flexibility to the deposition of the cremated remains compared to a casket burial. For these reasons, cremation has become an acceptable, and for many, preferable form of deposition.


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Revised: Jan. 23, 2011